Monthly Archives: July 2011

So i did some tweaking to some paintings I had been working on for a little while. I was not quite sure how to finish them off and to work in a background to give them that completed look. So after leaving them alone for about two months, i finally figured, just go with my usual clouds. Simple enough, I don’t know why I didn’t think of it already. But anyway, here we go. Some finished works for your consideration. Here is a link to my first posting.


Now I really love signs. And I really love typography, and graphic elements. So of course I love painting signs and typography. So here is one of my recent little paintings which shows a retro styled Texaco gas sign. It was a bit more roughed up in reality of course, but I felt that a bunch of rust wouldn’t look quite as nice.

Check out Retro Texaco here!

So i spend the afternoon reorganizing and reworking my office space. I was trying to make a little more space for my office cohort and to get things a little more organized and feng shui, if you will. So here is a peek.

hopefully this will streamline my work a little more and give me more room to work.

Welcome all, to my inaugural post. This blog will be dedicated to the many painting adventures in my world.

As my first action, I invite you to visit my Etsy shop and take a look at what I have been working on recently. Check it out here:

I will also be updating my progress on my ventures in painting and illustration, or just anything art or design related that I find interesting.

Thanks for stopping by!