Never Compromise

Some in progress shots from start to finish on the art for a movie poster for “the Iron Lady”. I tried to work in a mix of Meryl Streep and Margaret Thatcher, and to capture her iconic coiffure.



Poster version will soon be available here:

    • As always, thanks for the encouragement! ; ). You cooking up anything new for after your show?

      • Mate, you are kicking it at the moment. I really do enjoy your work and blog. In fact I really need to do another blog update myself.

        Currently I am working on a skate deck for a show called “I used to skate once: 8” It loosely based on the Ying and Yang symbol. With a Mandrill baboon at one End and a Harpy Eagle at the other. It is starting to look good. Can’t wait to show an update of that.

        I also am doing a painting for another group show called “The Art of Spain”. I pretty much had to beg the gallery owner to consider including me. In fact I have to do the piece first take it to the gallery to see if they will include it. But hey I am starting out in this field again, so I guess I’ll just need to do the hard yards. Although my fragile ego sometimes doesn’t like it.

        Finally for this month I am also going in for a drawing prize here in Brisbane. I am going to really give this a huge effort. As I could do with an art prize win for my CV.

        However, despite how impressive all that may sound, I am still really struggling to get anywhere with all of this and the traction isn’t happening and the sales of my work are far from as regular as I’d like. But it is still far better than doing a normal job.

        I have never asked you, but is illustration a full time thing for you?

      • I know the feeling. I am just starting out again myself – long story, I’ll have to message you sometime for the whole story – and trying to get myself together while working. I am trying to make the illustration thing a full time job, but its just slow going. I’m pulling myself in several directions, trying to build up my etsy shop, getting started on a painting portfolio to begin showing in galleries and such, re-establishing my portfolio to begin showing around for illustration work, and toying with some work to submit to a company that licenses home decor art.

        It’s good to hear you are getting into shows!I’m working myself to that point, but I don’t have anything at the moment that I want to show as professional work. I think it all has to do with patience, and perserverance, and doing what you love and getting yourself out there. And promoting the heck out of yourself, to the point of appearing vain!

      • Hey Aaron, I have been meaning to reply to this comment before now. Very keen to hear your story, mine is probably very similar.

        My email address is :

        Ping me a quick mail and we can start up a dialogue. There are loads of things I can’t say on my comments. But we are both on a very similar course and point in our journey’s as far as I can tell.

        It’s always good to make new art contacts, and is something I have avoided for too long for some reason.

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