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Sneak peek at some progress shots of some new posters. can you guess the movies? Yeah, Moulin Rouge and Marie Antoinette, respectively. Hope to do justice to the campy films by Baz Lurhmann and Sofia Coppola.

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I realize I’m a little behind in posting these, since they were father’s day and mother’s day gifts. Just thought I would post some progress and final shots of the two paintings.
First was a portrait of two of mom’s cats.

the second was for dad, which is a reproduction of a colonial era painting, which I can only identify as “Girl in Garden” from the 19th century. Dad had a print hanging in the living room for as long as I can remember, and always wanted me to create a real painting for him to hang in its place. Finally done!


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Pieces from a new collection of prints representing by the planets of the solar system, the Heavenly Bodies. Each print has an illustrated interpretation of a planet with information about the planets location in the solar system, the Greek god it is associated with, and the major moons for each planet.
This first grouping includes all the jovian planets, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune, as well as the Trans-Neptunian dwarf planet Pluto.
Check them out HERE, at my Etsy store!

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