Part of a new series of posters centered around the Olympians, the Greek gods and their later Roman equivalents. Each god/goddess is painted and styled as a roman marble statue, with alabaster skin and draped in chiseled cloth. They rest within a heavenly sphere floating on a cloud textured background. Accompanying the god/goddess is an outlined item pertaining to the iconography or myth of each god.

This series mixes traditional oil painted media and digital typography in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. Each print includes the illustration of the individual god, as well as its name, its Roman eqivalent, and its area of expertise.

This print is for Aphrodite and Venus, the goddess of love, sensuality, and beauty, featured on a red background and clasping a clamshell.

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Now moving on to the east coast for the states of the Middle Atlantic region of the United States. Check them out here, at my store!

Shown here are the states New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania.

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As you may notice, the look of the state posters have changed a little. I came to the decision that the textured background around the states was competing too much with the actual image of the states themselves, and decided to simplify it down to just a simple gray background. I think they look much better personally.

And with that, the states of the east north central mid-west region, the great lakes states, have arrived! Check them out here, at my store!

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